Use Custom Institutional Dashboards to Unify Organizational Research

Accelerating institutional research requires organizations to empower their members to easily store, share, access, and manage research data. With an IEEE Dataport institutional subscription, an organization can consolidate its members’ research and data management onto a unified data storage and collaboration platform.

All institutional subscriptions include a customized dashboard to display research from the organization’s team in one location. Included features allow institutions to:

  • Holistically promote data with the research community
  • Confidentially access and analyze institutional activity
  • Facilitate private research collaboration amongst team members
  • Uphold best practices for organizational data management

Drive Public Exposure to Your Institutional Research

The custom institutional dashboards publicly display all published datasets uploaded by members of the institution on a page branded with the organization’s logo and description. IEEE DataPort users can utilize the platform’s search function to find an institution’s public dashboard. All IEEE DataPort users can also view the citation and view count for each dataset on the dashboard. Visitors can click on the page’s listed dataset titles to further engage with a particular entry and the specific data owner.

Gain Private Insights into Your Institution’s Activity

Institutional administrators have access to an enhanced view of their organization’s dashboard, which allows them to track organizational usage. When logged into IEEE DataPort as an administrator, the institutional page will display a list of all institutional members who have utilized the IEEE DataPort platform, enabling the administrator to see who from the organization is using IEEE DataPort. Downloadable .CSV files are available for accessing full lists of organizational users and datasets uploaded during the subscription period. Assigned administrators must register for IEEE DataPort using an email address with the institution's root domain to access these features.

Empower Your Team to Pursue Funding and Collaborate on Projects

Institutional subscription members receive access to a tool for creating, exporting, and saving data management plans (DMPs). The DMPs are not shown to the public on IEEE DataPort, as members can only access their own DMPs. Institutional administrators can see how many DMPs were created during the organization’s subscription period through their dashboard page but will only see the DMPs their institutional members havey authored.

Premium Institutional Subscriptions enable members to create private datasets, meaning access is restricted to specific users. This feature allows members to save, share and collaborate on unpublished or in-progress research. The creator can make the dataset public when the private collaboration is complete, which enables the dataset to be shared with others and linked to manuscripts.  Private datasets established by an institution’s members are also listed on the administrator’s dashboard.

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