Gain Exposure for Your Research Through IEEE DataPort

In addition to serving as an easy-to-use and secure platform for data storage and a way to ensure compliance with many funding agency open access requirements, IEEE DataPort is also a great medium for accelerating the exposure of your research. Just by uploading a dataset to IEEE DataPort you inherently gain exposure to an active community of more than 800,000 researchers, engineers, and scientists.

Unlike some platforms that can be cumbersome to navigate, our highly organized dataset repository makes it easy for users to search for exactly what they are looking for.  This is because users can tag datasets with keywords and clear categories when uploading the dataset as shown in the example in Figure 1A. 

Figure 1. Dataset Features on IEEE DataPort
Figure 1. Dataset Features on IEEE DataPort

In addition to gaining exposure directly with the global IEEE DataPort community, it’s also easy to share your dataset via personal or organizational social channels with just one click (Figure 1B). IEEE DataPort also frequently promotes top-performing datasets via our social channels and newsletter. And, you will always know the amount of exposure your dataset is experiencing since we are transparent with traffic through a clear view counter that is included on every dataset (Figure 1C).

Finally, you can even win prizes for community engagement with your datasets. During our semi-annual dataset upload contests, those who submit the most popular datasets can win valuable prizes. 

Start gaining more exposure for your research by uploading your dataset (up to 2TB) for free today.