This webpage provides information about the Brazilian Flight Dataset (BFD). The description includes the data sources from regular flights (VRA) and weather data. The VRA is provided by ANAC (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil) and contains all Brazilian flights. The weather data is provided by ASOS (Automated Surface Observing Systems). ASOS is managed by IOWA University (USA). It contains weather data collected by sensors installed at airports around the world.

The dataset consists of vessel tracking data in the form of AIS observations in the Baltic Sea during years 2017-19. The AIS observations have been enriched with vessel metadata such as power, max speed and draft. The data has been collected for master’s thesis work and the data has been splitter into training and validation sets. The AIS observations do not cover all months of the collection period. 


This dataset is a highly versatile and precisely annotated large-scale dataset of smartphone sensor data for multimodal locomotion and transportation analytics of mobile users.

The dataset comprises 7 months of measurements, collected from all sensors of 4 smartphones carried at typical body locations, including the images of a body-worn camera, while 3 participants used 8 different modes of transportation in the southeast of the United Kingdom, including in London.