stochastic optimization

We have long known that the characterization of protein three-dimensional structure is key to obtaining a detailed understanding of protein function. Computational approaches to protein structure characterization have largely addressed a narrow formulation of the problem, where the goal is the determination of one structure, also known as the native structure, from a given protein amino-acid sequence. However, many researchers over the years have argued for broadening our view of proteins to account for the multiplicity of native structures.


The metaheuristic optimization algorithms are relatively the new kinds of optimization algorithms which are widely used for difficult optimization problems in which the classic methods cannot be applied and are considered as known and very broad methods for crucial optimization problems. Here, a new metaheuristic optimization algorithm is presented for which the main idea is extracted from a kind of motion in physics and is expected to have better results compared to other optimization algorithms in this field to present a novel method for achieving a more desirable point.