The Heidelberg Spiking Datasets comprise two spike-based classification datasets: The Spiking Heidelberg Digits (SHD) dataset and the Spiking Speech Command (SSC) dataset. The latter is derived from Pete Warden's Speech Commands dataset (, whereas the former is based on a spoken digit dataset recorded in-house and included in this repository. Both datasets were generated by applying a detailed inner ear model to audio recordings. We distribute the input spikes and target labels in HDF5 format.


We provide two distinct classification datasets for spiking neural networks. | Name | Classes | Samples (train/valid/test) | Parent dataset | URL | | ---- | ------- | ------ | ------------------------- | --- | | SHD | 20 | 8332/-/2088 | Heidelberg Digits (HD) | | | SSC | 35 | 75466/9981/20382 | Speech Commands v0.2 | | Both datasets are based on respective audio datasets. Spikes in 700 input channels were generated using an artificial cochlea model. The SHD consists of approximately 10000 high-quality aligned studio recordings of spoken digits from 0 to 9 in both German and English language. Recordings exist of 12 distinct speakers two of which are only present in the test set. The SSC is based on the Speech Commands release by Google which consists of utterances recorded from a larger number of speakers under less controlled conditions. It contains 35 word categories from a larger number of speakers.