This dataset contains the full set of experimental waveforms that were used to produce the article "Non-Linear Phase Noise Mitigation over Systems using Constellation Shaping", published in the Journal of Lightwave Technology with DOI: 10.1109/JLT.2019.2917308.



The dataset contains two files: PartIII_NZDSF.tar and PartIV_GS.tar, corresponding to part III and part IV of the paper. Each file contains: * Transmitted one-sample-per-symbol sequence, that is loaded into the DAC. * Intradyne back-to-back results. * Propagation results over the recirculating loop. All data has been captured with a 50 GS/s Tektronix oscilloscope, and symbol rate is 16 GBaud. Back-to back results are quoted as a function of noise power, i.e. attenuation of the ASE source used for noise loading. Loop results are quoted as a function of the per-channel optical power and recirculation number. Details on the experiment are available on the paper.


For reproducibility purposes, a large test bench of fiber links is simulated to test the Baseband Subcarrier Sweep framework and associated monitoring techniques. The test bench comprises three sets of 1000 fiber links each containing one, two, or three faults.