This dataset is a collection of phase samples retrieved from an in-house design for a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.1 based receiver, using an 8-element Uniform Circular Array (UCA). The purpose of the dataset was the implementation of localization techniques based on the use of Angle-of-Arrival data, possible due to the BLE 5.1 Direction Finding (DF) features. Specifically, the phase differences of a Constant Tone Extension (CTE) read from the different antenna elements can be used to retrieve the AoA of a received packet.


In this paper presented method for reducing the amount of data transmitted and stored in IoT systems. Instead of expensive and complex network devices, developers can apply cheap and proven low-speed solutions (ZigBee, NB IoT, BLE). This approach is focused on on-the-sensor data processing. Correlation and autocorrelation methods for detecting events, depending on shape of a wave, were described in details and proposed endpoint architecture implementation.