Dataset contains generated traffic from single requests towards DNS and DNS over Encryption servers as well as network traffic generated by browsers towards multiple DNS over HTTPS servers. The dataset contains also logs and csv files with queried domains. The IP addresses of the DoH servers are provided in the readme so that users can easily label the data extracted from pcap files. The dataset may be used for Machine Learning purposes (DNS over HTTPS identification).


Desktops and laptops can be maliciously exploited to violate privacy. In this paper, we consider the daily battle between the passive attacker who is targeting a specific user against a user that may be adversarial opponent. In this scenario, while the attacker tries to choose the best vector attack by surreptitiously monitoring the victim’s encrypted network traffic in order to identify user’s parameters such as the Operating System (OS), browser and apps. The user may use tools such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or even change protocols parameters to protect his/her privacy.