Frequency control

This report provides supplementary material and additional information to complement the data in the paper: “Virtual Synchronous Generator Design to Improve Frequency Support of Converter-Interfaced Systems”.



The data provided here correspond to the TPWRS paper presenting a novel  filter design procedure to optimally split the Frequency Regulation (FR) signal between conventional and fast regulating Energy Storage System (ESS) assets, considering typical Communication Delays (CDs).  The filter is then integrated into a previously validated FR model of the Ontario Power System (OPS) including Battery and Flywheel ESSs, which is used to analyze the impact of these ESSs, CDs, and limited regulation capacity in the FR process in a real system.  The proposed methodology to split the



The uploaded data file is a part of data used or generated by a real time security system for frequency control in electrical grids with variable renewable generation proposed in a paper entitled: “Dynamic regulation in electrical networks with non-controlled sources”. The proposed security system analyzes the electrical network in both steady-state and dynamic state. The test systems IEEE 39-bus were used adding wind generation models to evaluate the proposed security system.