The B2F dataset (Biometric images of Fingerprints and Faces) has been prepared for face and fingerprint recognition, verification or classification.

The first subset (Fingerprint): This set of data presents the five finger feature vectors (of the left hand) for each person in a csv files.

The second subset (Face): This set of data presents feature vectors of face images in csv files. Feature vectors were extracted using the model (ResNet-50 + ArcFace). This set of face feature vectors represents:


This is the largest database of hyperspectral face images containing hyperspectral image cubes of 78 subjects imaged in multiple sessions. The data was captured with the CRI's VariSpec LCTF (Liquid Crystal Tunable Filter) integrated with a Photon Focus machine vision camera. There are 33 spectral bands comering the 400 - 720nm range with a 10nm step. The noise level in the dataset is relatively lower because we adapted the camera exposure time to the transmittance of the filter illumination intensity as well as CCD sensitivity in each band.