The AOLAH databases are contributions from Aswan faculty of engineering to help researchers in the field of online handwriting recognition to build a powerful system to recognize Arabic handwritten script. AOLAH stands for Aswan On-Line Arabic Handwritten where “Aswan” is the small beautiful city located at the south of Egypt, “On-Line” means that the databases are collected the same time as they are written, “Arabic” cause these databases are just collected for Arabic characters, and “Handwritten” written by the natural human hand.


* There are two databases; first database is for Arabic characters, it consists of 2,520 sample files written by 90 writers using simulation of a stylus pen and a touch screen. The second database is for Arabic characters’ strokes, it consists of 1,530 sample files for 17 strokes. The second database is extracted from the previous accepted database by extracting strokes from characters.
* Writers are volunteers from Aswan faculty of engineering with ages from 18 to 20 years old.
* Natural writings with unrestricted writing styles.
* Each volunteer writes the 28 characters of Arabic script using the GUI.
* It can be used for Arabic online characters recognition.
* The developed tools for collecting the data is code acts as a simulation of a stylus pen and a touch screen, pre-processing data samples of characters are also available for researchers.
* The database is available free of charge (for academic and research purposes) to the researchers.
* The databases available here are the training databases.