Instructions for Initiating a Data Competition



Data Competition Requirements

To initiate a Data Competition on IEEE DataPort, the following components are required:

  • Dataset file(s)
  • Title
  • Dataset Author(s)
  • Start & End Dates
  • Competition Image
  • Abstract
  • Instructions



  1. Login to IEEE DataPort (the login link is located in the upper right of the website).
  2. Click on COMPETITIONS at the top of the IEEE DataPort homepage.
  3. Click on SUBMIT A DATA COMPETITION on the lower left hand side of the screen. 
  4. Complete the required inputs under Metadata, Abstract & Image, Documentation & Instructions, Competition Dataset, and Manage Competition Access. Please see 'What fields are available on the Submit a Data Competition form?' for more information including tips on dataset uploads and competition access management options. 
  5. Review Terms of Use* using the link provided and indicated agree to IEEE DataPort Terms of Use by checking the box at the bottom of the form; your Data Competition dataset cannot be uploaded until you agree to the IEEE DataPort Terms of Use.
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page after all required fields have been entered.


After Submitting your Data Competition

  • A DOI will be generated and appear in the top section of the page
  • Dataset files will be provided with an AWS S3 URI and will also be downloadable. 
  • As an administrator, you can now manage your competition by adding/updating your dataset files, approving participation request forms and/or updating the Whitelist for the Data Competition, updating your Data Competition (e.g. additional instructions), and viewing analysis results that participants have submitted on IEEE DataPort.  All participants should submit their Data Competition results through IEEE DataPort to make is easy for you as the administrator to evaluate results. 


Managing Access Requests to your Data Competition

During the creation of your Data Competition, you may attach a 'Request Access' form template to your Data Competition. In this event, you will see two additional buttons on your Data Competition page:

  • EDIT ACCESS FORM:  Use this button to customize the ‘Request Access’ form; option include:
    • Add, delete or modify the form fields as needed.
    • Enter one or more email addresses where submission will be sent (your email address will be automatically included, but you can add other email addresses)
    • Enter additional instructions that users who submit the ‘Request Access’ form will receive.
    • Set up an email notification to be sent to users who submit the ‘Request Access’ form.
  • ACCESS FORM SUBMISSIONS:  View and/or download the ‘Request Access’ form submissions.



IEEE DataPort™ is designed to assist all members of the global technical community host and easily administer Data Competitions.  A Data Competition is a time-limited challenge in which a dataset is provided and members of the global technical community are invited to provide a specific analysis or make predications based on the dataset.   Participation in the Data Competition is managed by the Data Competition initiator and can be open to all members of the global technical community or limited to a specific set of participants. 

IEEE DataPort supports efficient hosting of Data Competitions and enables:

  • easy initiation and administration of the Data Competition, including control of the Data Competition duration
  • acceptance of analysis results in IEEE DataPort so Data Competition results are consolidated and easily evaluated,
  • effective management of Data Competition participation.


IEEE DataPort Data Competition Features

  • IEEE DataPort Data Competition datasets will be provided with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) file storage.
  • Customizable Access Request Form:  the Data Competition initiator may attach and customize a ‘Request Access’ form that may be required for participants to submit before they can gain access to dataset files. The form and resulting notifications are fully customizable by competition administrators.
  • Citation Generator: Citations are generated in popular citation formats.
  • ORCID ID:  Citation authors can be input with respective ORCID identifiers and this will enable authors to have the dataset asset included in their ORCID list of assets.  
  • Comments: registered users may submit comments and questions on the Data Competition page(s)
  • Private Messages: registered users may submit private messages to competition leads
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