What fields are available on the Submit a Data Competition form?

    1. Title of Dataset*
    2. Category: Select one or more categories that the dataset should reside in.
    3. Keywords: – Enter keywords to help users find your competition.
    4. Data Format: enter format of dataset file (e.g. CSV, TXT, ORC, Avro, XML, SQL, JSON, XLSX); for ZIP and GZIP files, indicate the format of the included files.
    5. Related Dataset: if your dataset is related to another IEEE DataPort dataset, please enter the title of the related dataset in this field (autocomplete available)
    6. License: Indicate if you are using specific licesne you to release your dataset. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) is used by default.
    7. Links: Enter links to external documentation, data sources, project pages, author homepage, etc.  To add more than one link, click “Add Another Link” button. 
    8. Start and End Dates*: Define the date range during which your Data Competition will accept submissions.
    1. Dataset Image*: Enter image for your dataset to improve dataset appearance and identification on IEEE DataPort; choose image file and hit Upload button.
    2. Abstract*: Enter an abstract for dataset in the required Abstract field.
    1. Documentation*: Data Competition administrator may upload documents which contain additional instructional information for the Data Competition; choose file and hit Upload button; formats allowed include pdf, txt, docx, doc, and md.
    2. Instructions*: Enter detailed instructions to enable Data Competition participants to be able to understand and participate in the data competition effectively.
    1. Competition Dataset*: Data Competition initiators may upload one or more dataset files which will be the focus of the Data Competition.  Dataset files may total up to 2 TB or 10 TB for Institutional Subscribers. The following formats are currently supported: zip, gz, gzip, csv, json, txt, sql, xml, tsv, ebs, avro, orc, parquet, hdf5, 7z, tbz2, iso, tar, bz2, z, xls, xlsx, graph, properties, offsets, flac, ogg, wav, aac, mp3, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, avi, mov, mp4, mpg, m4v, yaml, dat, mat, fig. If your competition dataset consists of multiple files, you can again select ‘choose’ and ‘upload’ to upload additional files.
      • TIP: For large datasets, we recommend uploading a series of files that are 100 GB or less. This will make the upload process easier to manage, and will also enable users to more easily work with your files.
      • TIP: For datasets with a large number of files (>100), we recommend compressing your upload(s) using the ZIP and/or GZIP format. ZIP files may work best for users working on PCs. GZIP may work best for Linux users and those working with AWS big data solutions
    2. Scripts: Optionally, upload any scripts related the Data Competition
    3. Dataset Authors*: Enter the author information for your dataset for the purposes of citation. Please include First Name, Last Name, ORCID (optional), and Affiliation (optional). 
    1. Access Restriction*: Data Competition administrator must indicate if the Data Competition has access restrictions.  Administrator must either check “Restricted Access via Whitelist” or check “No Access Restrictions”.
      1. If Competition is “Restricted Access via Whitelist”, the Data Competition administrator should input email addresses (if known) separated by commas of those individuals allowed to participate in the Data Competition in the “Whitelist” box on the Access page.  If participants are not yet known, the “Whitelist” box can be left blank and names can be added by the administrator over time as participants are identified.
      2. If Competition has “No Access Restrictions”, no entry needs to be made in the “Whitelist” box and all users of IEEE DataPort that are logged in will have access to the Data Competition.
    2. Select a Template: Optionally, select a template to generate a form where users may apply for access to your Data Competition. If you select a template you will have the opportunity to modify the form form to fit your needs. Note: currently there is only one template available.

​All required inputs are shown with red asterisk.

See Instructions for Initiating a Data Competition for more information.

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