Vertical Ground Reactions Forces during the Gait Cycle Dataset

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Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Paola Andrea
Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Leonel Germán
Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Rubén Dario
Hernández Beleño
Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
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David Alvarado
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Wed, 01/24/2024 - 21:31
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The Ground Reaction Forces are generated when walking, specifically when the foot contacts the ground, this information is directly related to the physical characteristics of each person, on the other hand, the growth that has the implementation of artificial intelligence algorithms for the diagnosis or evaluation of both pathologies and rehabilitation that occur in the lower limb are a very large area of opportunity.


In this database, information was obtained from the GRFs of 100 healthy people, and 22 features were extracted from each sample using basic statistics, and signal characteristics in the domain of time and frequency. It is worth mentioning that each participant in the experiment was informed of the purpose of their participation and signed an informed consent for the protection of personal data.


The database has two files; the file vGRF_signal.xslx contains the processed and normalized information of the 100 GRF samples obtained during the experiment. Concerning the vGRF_dataset.csv file it has that:

1.      The first column within the vGRF_dataset.csv file refers to the sample number of the experiment.


2.      Thereafter, the columns are labeled according to the extracted feature.



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