Sub-Terahertz Rough Surface Scattering Measurement

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Ruiyi Shen
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Fri, 04/19/2024 - 12:16
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Owing to the substantial bandwidth they offer, the exploration of  100+ GHz frequencies for wireless communications has surged in recent years. These sub-Terahertz channels are susceptible to blockage, which makes reflected paths crucial for seamless connectivity. However, at such high frequencies, reflections deviate from the known mirror-like specular behavior as the signal wavelength becomes comparable to the height perturbation at the surface of the reflectors. Such reflectors are considered electromagnetically "rough" which results in random non-specular reflection components that are not well understood. In this dataset, we present experimental results on the impact of rough scattering on over-the-air data links as well as the characteristics of ultra-broadband THz reflection response.




There are 2 main parts of this dataset:

  • Sub-THz over-the-air datalink. This set of data includes the constellation points from wireless NLOS links established with rough surfaces at 140 GHz. All data are provided in .mat format.
  • Ultra-broadband THz time-domain measurement. This set of data includes raw time signals from THz-TDS for NLOS links established with rough surfaces at different incident and scattering angles.

Download .zip file to access data.