Segmented Taxi Trajectories in Bangkok

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Pattama Krataithong
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Thu, 03/24/2022 - 04:20
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This dataset contains segmented taxi trajectories with passengers within Bangkok, which are extracted from taxi GPS data during the Songkran Festival period (April 11–17, 2019), published by the ITIC Foundation ( 

Each entry in the CSV file represents a segmented taxi trajectory with passgengers that combine taxit OD (origin/destination) points such as VehicleID, gpsvalid, lat, long, date time, speed, heading, for hire light, engine acc, geometry, trip point, and trajectory id.
Fields description:
  • Vehicle ID: Unique vehicle ID
  • GPS Valid: 1 = enough satellite for GPS fix
  • lat / lon: GPS location up to 5 decimal places
  • timestamp: GPS timestamp ( GMT+7 )
  • speed: km/h
  • heading: vehicle heading direction [0-360) degree from North=0
  • for_hire_light: [for taxis] whether "For Hire" light is ON 1 = light on => possibly no passenger 0 = " => possibly carrying passengers
  • engine_acc: car key status active, can be: 1 (active, the data will be collected every minutes) or 0 (inactive, data collected every 3 minutes)
  • trip_point: labeled stop point (start/end)
  • trajectory_id: Unique trajectory ID