Satellite and ERA5-based Tropical Cyclone Dataset (SETCD)

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Xinyu Wang
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Tue, 04/30/2024 - 01:51
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SETCD (Satellite and ERA5-based Tropical Cyclone Dataset), a comprehensive dataset encompassing satellite imagery data and ERA5 data for all TCs recorded between 1980 and 2022. Our dataset is derived from two publicly available data sources: GridSat-B1 and ERA5. To capture relevant information associated with TC, SETCD adopts the latitude and longitude positions provided by IBTrACS as the center points. The satellite data within the SETCD dataset consists of three channels from GridSat-B1: infrared, water vapor, and visible. The ERA5 data in the SETCD dataset is selected based on the same criteria as Pangu-Weather, including 5 atmospheric variables (geopotential (z), specific humidity (q), zonal component of wind (u), meridional component of wind (v), and temperature (t)), each with 13 pressure levels (e.g., z50 denotes the geopotential height at a pressure level of 50 hPa), and 4 surface variables (10-meter u wind component (u10), 10-meter v wind component (v10), 2-meter temperature (t2m), and mean sea level pressure (msl)).



Each sample in the SETCD dataset consists of two npy files: GRIDSAT_data.npy and ERA5_data.npy. Moreover, to address the potential issue of duplicate occurrences of the same TC name, SETCD utilizes a unique storm identifier (SID) assigned by the IBTrACS algorithm as the naming convention for storage. For more details, please refer to our paper: Global Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasting with Multi-modal Multi-scale Causal Autoregressive Model.