Questionnaire data collection

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Dunhu Huang
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Mon, 04/11/2022 - 11:47
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With the popularity of mobile networks and the emergence of 5g networks, China has entered the era of universal live streaming with Pan entertainment, which has promoted live streaming sales and becomes the most effective way of network marketing at present. As an important factor affecting consumers' purchase decisions in the webcast, the streamer has attracted the attention of more and more scholars, and there is still a lack of research on the streamer's impulse buying behavior of consumers. The research aims to explore the influencing factors of streamers on consumers' impulsive purchases in live streaming. The empirical results have important theoretical and practical significance. In the live streaming scenario, based on s-o-r model, this paper constructs the influence model of streamer on consumers' impulsive purchase behavior by consulting literature, collects data by means of questionnaire, and makes an empirical study by using the structural equation model to explore the mechanism of streamer affecting consumers' impulsive purchase behavior. The results show that streamer characteristics (personal charisma, professionalism) and streamer performance (interactivity, entertainment) affect consumers' impulsive purchase behavior by affecting consumers' trust and flow experience.


The filling of the questionnaire includes the measurement of variables and some descriptive analysis.