Power signals corresponding to home electrical appliances randomly switched on and off

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University of Nnates and University of Tunis El Manar
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Sarra Houidi
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Wed, 05/01/2019 - 09:35
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Two files are provided. In the first one, there are the power signals obtained from the current and voltage measurements made with our own acquisition system (with a sampling frequency of 5 kHz). They correspond to the switching on and off of 12 home electrical appliances randomly switched on and off during 1 hour by using relay modules and resulting in 1200 events.

In the second file, the time instants of these events are all reported.


The file entitled "Powers_features.txt" contains the power signals obtained from voltage and currents measurements sampled at 5 kHz. 

The lines contains the power samples (computed every M=Fs/F0 samples such as M=5000/50 where F0 is the utility frequency) and the columns are the different active and reactive power features sorted in this order:

{'P','P_{1}','P_{2}','P_{3}','P_{4}','P_{5}','P_{6}','P_{7}','P_{8}','P_{9}','P_{10}','P_{11}','P_{12}','P_{13}','P_{14}','P_{15}','P_{H}', 'Q','Q_{1}','Q_{2}','Q_{3}','Q_{4}','Q_{5}','Q_{6}','Q_{7}','Q_{8}','Q_{9}','Q_{10}','Q_{11}','Q_{12}','Q_{13}','Q_{14}','Q_{15}','Q_{H}'}


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