Phase Characterization of the Nonuniform Reflect arrays

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peyman mahouti, Mehmet Ali Belen, Alper Çalışkan, Filiz Güneş
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peyman mahouti
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Thu, 11/08/2018 - 10:34
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A microstrip reflectarray antenna is a hybrid design of a reflector antenna and a planar phased array antenna where a feed element illuminates reflecting surface, which can be either flat, slightly curved or a non-uniform plane in order to convert a spherical wave produced by its feed into a plane wave. On the reflecting side of the surface, there might be a series of the printed patch, dipole, loop elements or just a dielectric layer without any power division network. The feed element illuminates these Reflectarray elements, which are designed to re-radiate the electromagnetic energy with a prescribed phase front.

in this data set, the reflection phase characteristic of a nonuniform reflectarray surface that had been obtained from CST simulator environment is presented. where the variation of the reflection phase of a unit element based on the variation of the elements dielectric constant, height, and frequency is given.


row 1: dielectric constant epsilon,

row 2: hight of the substrate,

row 3: frequency band GHz,

row 4: reflection phase degree,