Personality in Daily Life: Multi-situational Physiological Signals Reflect Big-Five Personality Traits

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xinyu shui
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Thu, 12/01/2022 - 09:17
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The popularity of wearable physiological recording devices has opened up new possibilities for the assessment of personality traits in everyday life. Compared with traditional questionnaires or laboratory assessments, wearable device-based measurements can collect rich data about individual physiological activities in real-life situations without interfering with normal life, enabling a more comprehensive description of individual differences. The present study aimed to explore the assessment of individuals’ Big-Five personality traits by physiological signals in daily life situations. A commercial bracelet was used to track the heart rate (HR) data from 80 college students (all male) enrolled in a special training program with a strictly-controlled daily schedule for 10 consecutive working days. Their HR activities were divided into five daily situations (morning exercise, morning classes, afternoon classes, free time in the evening, and self-study situations) according to their daily schedule.


This is a open access dataset of everyday Heart Rate recordings for Personality assessment.


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