Our World in Data Dataset_Marco Vlajnic_ML & DL Assessment of Vaccination_Jan 13 2024

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Marco Vlajnic
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Wed, 01/17/2024 - 11:39
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This research utilized data from the Oxford University Our World in Data Covid 19 Dataset. This dataset contains data points collected on an ongoing basis from Johns Hopkins University, Center for Systems Science and Engineering COVID-19 data, European Centre for Disease Control, and OXFORD COVID-19 Government Response Tracker, from January 2020 to the present. The original dataset contains data from 207 countries and territories from which 26 countries were selected for this research: United States, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Romania, Latvia, Cyprus, Estonia, Czechia, Slovakia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Data for this research paper was accessed and downloaded on Dec 30, 2022, and this longitudinal dataset was used from the period of December 2020, when most of the countries in the research dataset started vaccinating their population, to December 30, 2022.

The analyses in this research used 16 variables. Table 1 presents the 14 variables that represent the actual values from the research dataset. Two additional variables, case fatality rate and vaccination rate, were derived. The case fatality rate (CFR), an epidemiologic metric defined as the proportion of deaths within an observed population of interest, was calculated by dividing the respective values in the total deaths column by the total cases column of the dataset, for each of the 26 countries. The vaccination rate was calculated by dividing the number of people vaccinated (with at least one dose) by the total population of each country, for each of the 26 countries.


Please refer to the README file ("ReadMe for Dataset_Jan 13 2024.md") under documentation for detailed instructions.



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