OntoSNAQA - Multi-domain ontology for social network analysis

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José Alberto
SALBIS Research Group, Department of Electric, Systems and Automatics Engineering, University of León, Campus of Vegazana s/n, León, 24071, León, Spain
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Jose Alberto Be...
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Thu, 06/20/2019 - 08:42
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OntoSNAQA is the name that combines Social Network Analysis (SNA), People and Questionnaires (Question and Answers - QA).

This ontology will be updated in this project of github and in the url http://www.jabenitez.com/ontologies/OntoSNAQA.owl.

It's an ontology that combines three different domains:
- People
- Questionnaires
- Social Network Analysis terms

The mainly objective of this ontology is to achieve a complete automatized Social Network Analysis. It allows to any people that not have knowledge about Social Network Analysis, to do it and to get different conclusions of a social network using this ontology in a Knowledge-Based System.

This ontology born in 2017 and resulted in a PhD thesis called "Semantic Technologies applied to Social Network Analysis in health field". PhD defended at the University of León by José Alberto Benítez Andrades (http://www.jabenitez.com)


You can use this ontology with Protègè or other program compatible with OWL.