Network Penetration Testing Interview: 5 Questions an Answers

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Network penetration testing is a complicated step that requires a lot of research and preparation going into it. Once you’ve decided on conducting the procedure, it’s equally important to select a third-party service provider that upholds quality and possesses adequate experience. For this, there are a series of network penetration testing interview questions – and desired answers – you can keep in mind when screening potential service providers.

The right network penetration testing and security process should give you actionable insights about the network and the system for the right kind of protection. That means, the right VAPT service provider will be conducted by the right kind of professionals with the required accreditations and the ability to think on their feet for impersonating hackers.


5 Best Network Penetration Testing Interview Questions to Ask

Network penetration testing is usually conducted by third-party services to obtain a third-person perspective from someone not involved in the development process. However, in order to ensure that the service provider understands the task, vulnerabilities, and goals of testing, it’s important to ask certain questions to test their knowledge and approach.

  1. What are the two commonly used levels of network penetration testing?

These are internal and external penetration testing. Internal network penetration testing involves ethical hackers stepping within the network to try and access internal assets and understand the threats of malicious users. For this, the OWASP Penetration testing team will need to go beyond the NAC and evaluate the network’s security response when connecting to the intranet. On the other hand, external network penetration testing attempts to exploit the external vulnerabilities and public-facing assets for security loopholes and backdoors.

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