LTE Pathloss Measurements with Sector Orientations and eNodeB Positions

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This is the dataset for the paper Bayesian Inference of Sector Orientation in LTE Networks based on End-User Measurements published at VTC 2021 - Fall.

It includes a set of Drive-Test RSRP Pathloss Measurements with their relative position to the corresponding eNodeB. In total it contains data for 91 three-sector eNodeBs, which results in  273 sectors.

The measurements were conducted with an PCTEL MXFlex Scanning Receiver in an operational LTE network, where both the eNodeB position and Sector orientation are confirmed by a major Austrian network operator.

Besides the sector orientation use-case the dataset might also be of interest for of eNodeB localization.

The reference implementation for the inference of the Sector Orientation from the measurements is provided in the following repository:


The data is provided in the human-readable json format. In total there is one file for each of the three measurement campaigns, two in the 1800Mhz band and one in the 800Mhz band.

Each of the measurement sample contains the following data:

  • Relative position to the serving eNodeB in meters
  • Azimuth from the serving eNodeB to the location of measurement in degrees.
  • Value of pathloss measurement in dBm. Note, that the pathloss was derived from the RSRP measurements under the assumption of a transmit power of 25dBm for each sector.




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