Human lower limb point cloud data

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Tie Liu
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Wed, 07/05/2023 - 06:12
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The Intel D435i camera is selected to collect the point cloud data of lower limbs,the point cloud data source was 10 subjects including 4 females and 6 males, subjects are informed and voluntary, aged between 23-26 years, with an average age of 24.3 (±1.03) years, height of 172.1 (±6.46) cm, and weight of 71.3 (±9.58 kg.). The subjects were not trained prior to the testThe experimental data from these ten individuals were divided into two parts, half for training the long and short term memory neural network and half for validating the real-time and accuracy of the training model. Place the Intel D435i depth sensor on the central axis of the frame and place it facing the user. 


Next, adjust the camera placement height to collect the point cloud data of the whole leg, and confirm that there is no occlusion in the field of view. The experimental software environment of walking motion information acquisition algorithm based on three-dimensional vision is Windows10, Visual Studio 2019, PCL 1.11.0. The hardware environment is Intel Core TM i7-9850h CPU@2.59 GHz, NVDIA RTX 4000 graphics processor. After the point cloud data are collected by the three-dimensional vision camera, the three-dimensional coordinate system is obtained through transformation so as to describe the spatial position of the measured object.

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