Exploring English Language Education: Curriculum Provided English Textbook for Classes 9 and 10 in Bangladesh

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Fri, 01/19/2024 - 05:18
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LinguoInsight English Textbook Corpus

The LinguoInsight English Textbook Corpus is a comprehensive dataset derived from (NCTB English Textbook class 9 and 10 of Bangladesh), a research study aimed at enhancing English language comprehension in diverse educational settings where English is a second language. The dataset is a result of an innovative unsupervised topic modeling approach utilizing Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) through the LinguoInsight tool. The dataset aims to contribute to improved comprehension and acquisition skills by providing insights into the structure and thematic content of English textbooks. Potential applications of this dataset could be curriculum design and improvement, the development of educational technology tools for English language learning, and research on language acquisition and comprehension in diverse educational settings. Integration of NLP-driven approaches into mobile apps for enhanced learning experiences.


Usage Recommendations:

Researchers, educators, and developers can leverage this dataset to further explore and enhance English language learning methodologies, bridging the gap in comprehension challenges faced by students in diverse educational environments. The dataset encourages the development of innovative tools and strategies for more engaging and efficient learning experiences, particularly in regions where English is a second language.



Englisher Conversation Sentences.csv

The "English Conversation Sentences.csv" file enables the extraction of contextually relevant conversations, aligning language instruction with specific lessons. It serves as a valuable resource for training language models, enhancing teaching materials with real-world examples, and developing assessment tools. The dataset supports adaptive learning, personalized language instruction, and research in discourse analysis. It also facilitates cross-curricular integration and the creation of multimodal learning experiences for improved language acquisition.


Englisher Conversation Words.csv

The "English Conversation Words.csv" dataset provides a valuable resource for analyzing and extracting words used in English conversations in English TextBook. Researchers, educators, and language experts can leverage this dataset to gain insights into the vocabulary and linguistic patterns employed in language learning using Textbook. The dataset is conducive to studies on word frequency, usage variations across different conversational contexts, and the development of language models focused on conversational English. It is a valuable asset for enhancing language learning materials, creating vocabulary-focused assessments, and contributing to the broader understanding of spoken English language dynamics.



The "dict_en.csv" dataset, extracted from an English textbook, serves as a comprehensive dictionary file with diverse applications. Educators and students can utilize it as a reference tool to enhance vocabulary comprehension and reinforce language learning from the English textbook. Language researchers can leverage the dataset for lexical analysis, investigating word usage patterns, and exploring semantic relationships within the context of the textbook. Developers working on language-related applications can integrate the dataset to improve word suggestion algorithms and enhance natural language processing tools. Overall, the dataset supports various educational and linguistic endeavors by providing a structured resource for exploring and understanding the vocabulary presented in the English textbook.


Survey form for App (Responses).csv

A mobile application (Englisher) is being developed with content from the NCTB’s English Textbook for class 9. The extracted keywords are organized into lessons, and furthermore, a quiz is introduced as an exercise. Each sentence's and word's Bengali meanings are provided in accordance with the lesson. Students can take quizzes, and their results are recorded in history so that history can be reviewed and performance can be improved with more practice in the future. In the survey questions, it was indicated whether the students, teachers, and government organizations would find it acceptable and appreciated if textbook information were made available through a mobile app and presented in interactive format. To demonstrate the mobile app idea during the interrogation survey session, a prototype app, Englisher, is prepared. Participants were asked for suggestions on how to make the app better and to specify shortcomings. It provides an insight into teacher’s emotions about the inclusion of mobile technology in the higher secondary English education system.