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ErrP dataset of 8 subjects



ErrP dataset for eight subjects. Subjects are 5 males and 3 females, average age 25.125 years, standard deviation 1.54 years, range of 22-28 years.

The dataset was obtained with each subject watching an agent play several runs of a game.

The game parsimoniously consists of a 5x5 grid of grey circular spots with a black background. A blue spot indicates current position of the agent whereas a green spot represents the goal. The objective of the system is for the agent to reach the goal. A circular spot representing the goal remains static at the bottom-right position of the grid, while the one representing the position of the agent always starts at the upper-left position of the grid. When the agent reaches the goal, the position where the agent and the goal are located turns red, showing that the experience has ended. There are four possible movements that the agent can perform: it can go upwards, downwards, towards the left and towards the right, and those moves are bounded to avoid the agent from leaving the grid. The movement direction is selected randomly and is executed once every 2 seconds. At the end, there is a pause of 5 seconds before the next game run starts.



The retrieval of the subject’s brain activity, which is called brainwave session, consists of several experiences, each one being a game run. 

For every subject, there is a zip file with all the brainwave sessions belonging to them. Each session is stored within a folder.  Inside each session's folder there are several files:

  • A text header file (.vhdr) containing meta data.

  • A text marker file (.vmrk) containing information about events in the data. The events can signal the beginning of a game run, the end of a game run, a hit (agent moving away from goal) or a no hit (agent moving towards goal).

  • A binary data file (.eeg) containing the voltage values of the EEG.

  • A series of files with no extension containing the position of the agent at every step of a game run.


Device: g.Tec g.Nautilus g.LadyBird, 250 Hz, notch filter to 50Hz, bandpass 0.5-60 Hz


I'd like to download this dataset.



Stefan Ehrlich

Submitted by Stefan Ehrlich on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 09:28

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