Diabetics dataset

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Nimra Iqbal
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Thu, 04/18/2024 - 15:59
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data have 16 features with 1 target value

Scope: Primarily focused on diabetes-related information.

Data Size: Contains a substantial volume of records.

Variables: Likely includes patient demographics, medical history, lab results, medications, treatments, and outcomes.

Temporal Range: Time span covered by the dataset may vary.

Privacy Measures: Anonymized to protect patient identities.

Ethical Considerations: Collected and shared adhering to ethical guidelines.

Research Potential: Offers extensive opportunities for research and analysis in diabetes care.

Potential Insights: Could reveal trends in diabetes prevalence, treatment effectiveness, regional disparities, etc.

Data Challenges: May include missing values, data inconsistencies, and outliers.

Analytical Techniques: Various statistical and machine learning methods can be applied for analysis.

Collaborative Opportunities: Suitable for collaborative research efforts among healthcare professionals, researchers, and data scientists.

Interdisciplinary Applications: Relevant to healthcare, public health, epidemiology, and data science fields.


In this project, we collected diabetes data from internet some fileds are modified and adding some numeric value and define th range by using ecel vlookup query. For further insights, refer to the dataset documentation provided