COVID-19: How to fight fire with fire

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Mina Isaac
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Thu, 12/01/2022 - 06:36
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This is a research about a method that I studied to treat virus COVID-19 or any other viruses by modifying and tricking the virus .

The new corona virus can be treated or prevented by fighting it with a similar body; I will rely on the new corona virus cell to fight the same virus by modifying the proteins and genes inside the virus. The virus’s glycoprotein will be modified to suit the synthesis of an enzyme or hormone angiotensin 2 to make An unmodified virus cell attacks the modified virus (because the hormone angiotensin II is responsible for directing the corona virus to the lungs) and the internal RNA protein will also be modified so that it will contain the modified RNA polymerase enzyme to accelerate the process of Luminous to the RNA protein that contains parts of the sub-apostolic DNA elements (since the RNA polymerase enzyme is responsible for the process of breaking down the apostolic DNA that results from the reproduction process of the virus during the formation of a new virus and where it breaks down the elements of DNA in a stage and then repeats Binding it in the form of a messenger RNA so that it can transfer its genetic information again) and the added modification of the polymerase will cause it to break down the links in the genetic chain of RNA and DNA and it will be linked to the modified RNA protein and also the ribosome protein that the virus uses from within the cell will be added; The host to transfer its genetic information to the nucleus for dividing. The ribosomes inside the modified virus will be separated from the rest of the material. Thus, the virus will be deceived by the presence of the ribosomes that it holds to enter the cell and the presence of angiotensin II responsible for guiding the target cell or host and will guide the modified cell instead. These modified cells will be placed on the facemasks to stop the virus from entering the mouth. When the virus tries to enter, the modified cells will meet to deceive them as target cells (hosts) and hold them, so the modified cells get rid of their functional protein. Also, these modified cells can be spread by flying robots in the air to fall on surfaces and eliminate the virus once and for all, and these modified cells will be used to serve as alcohol placed on the hand to purify it from the virus.