CAIDA UCSD DDoS 2007 Attack Dataset

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Vidyavardhinis College Of Engineering and Technology
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Vaishali Shirsath
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Fri, 05/12/2023 - 14:11
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Maximum capture length for interface 0:            65000

First timestamp:                     1186262976.484933000

Last timestamp:                      1186263276.484931000

Unknown encapsulation:                                  0

IPv4 bytes:                                    2768247216

IPv4 pkts:                                       45954067

IPv4 flows:                                       2860519

Unique IPv4 addresses:                               7075

Unique IPv4 source addresses:                        7065

Unique IPv4 destination addresses:                   7075

Unique IPv4 TCP source ports:                       65532

Unique IPv4 TCP destination ports:                    847

Unique IPv4 UDP source ports:                           2

Unique IPv4 UDP destination ports:                      3

Unique IPv4 ICMP type/codes:                           24

IPv6 pkts:                                              0

IPv6 bytes:                                             0

non-IP protocols:                                       0

non-IP pkts:                                            0


The CAIDA "DDoS Attack 2007" Dataset


This dataset contains approximately one hour of anonymized traffic

traces from a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack on

August 4, 2007. This type of attack attempts to block access to

the targeted server by consuming computing resources on the server

and by consuming all of the bandwidth of the network connecting

the server to the Internet.


The total size of the dataset is 21 GB and covers about one hour

(20:50:08 UTC to 21:56:16 UTC). The attack starts around 21:13 when

the network load increases rapidly (within a few minutes) from

about 200 kbits/s to about 80 Mbits/s. The one-hour trace is split

up in 5-minute files and stored in pcap format.


The traces include only attack traffic to the victim and responses

from the victim. We have removed, as much as possible, non-attack

traffic. We anonymized the traces using CryptoPAn prefix-preserving

anonymization using a single key. [The original trace was processed with

CoralReef options -Canon=cryptopan,keyfile=<key.txt>, -l4 and -r.]


Subdirectories to-victim and from-victim contain the same trace, with

traffic to the victim (including the attack traffic) in subdirectory

to-victim, and all traffic from the victim (including responses to the

attack) in subdirectory from-victim.


Users can read these traces with any software that reads the pcap

(tcpdump) format, including the CoralReef Software Suite, tcpdump,

Wireshark, and many others.


Acceptable Use Agreement



The AUA that you accepted when you were given access to these datas is included

in pdf format as a separate file in the same directory as this README file.





When referencing this dataset (as required by the AUA), please use:

   The CAIDA UCSD "DDoS Attack 2007" Dataset


Users are encouraged to include the following attribution in the

acknowledgments section of their document:

   Support for CAIDA's Internet Traces is provided by the National

   Science Foundation, the US Department of Homeland Security,

   and CAIDA Members.



Special thanks to the Collaborative Center for Internet

Epidemiology and Defenses (CCIED, "SeaSide") for their assistance

with this dataset.



Submitted by Mohammed Mohammed on Mon, 11/13/2023 - 16:24