Bayesian Network benchmark Datasets and mixed data

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Ruijing Cui
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Wed, 09/06/2023 - 04:09
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Contains the benchmark Bayesian network dataset, which uses the seed of Bayesian networks from Some of the data comes from And other datasets from the UCI that contain mixed data. These data can be used to learn the basic structure of Bayesian networks, the research of cause-based feature selection algorithms, etc bnlearn is an R package for learning the graphical structure of Bayesian networks, estimating their parameters and performing some useful inference. First released in 2007, it has been under continuous development for more than 10 years (and still going strong). The Bayesian Network Repository contains the networks stored in multiple formats as well as citations to the original papers. Each zip file contains the 10 datasets used for learning at each sample size (500, 1000,1500..., 5000) and a file, Name_graph.txt, that contains the adjacency matrix of the true network.


Detailed sources and information on the data are available at,, https://arch