3-D Synthetic ASL Digits

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Huu Phong
University of Coimbra
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Huu Phong Nguyen
Last updated:
Thu, 09/28/2023 - 09:40
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This dataset features a wide range of synthetic American Sign Language (ASL) digits, spanning numbers 0 through 9. These ASL sign representations were meticulously crafted using Unity software, resulting in dynamic 3-D scenes set against diverse backgrounds. To enhance the dataset's comprehensiveness, it includes contributions from three distinct subjects, adding a rich variety of ASL digit gestures. This diversity makes it a valuable resource for researchers interested in ASL digit recognition and gesture analysis. By offering a broad array of sign representations, this dataset serves as a foundation for comprehensive research, ultimately contributing to advancements in ASL interpretation and communication technology.


The dataset has been systematically organized into separate train and test sets for ease of use. Within these sets, the original videos of individual objects have been placed in their respective folders. Each of these sub-folders is dedicated to videos corresponding to the numeric digits 0 through 9.

To simplify the identification and retrieval of specific videos, a consistent naming convention has been employed. Each video file is named following the pattern "ID.digit.mp4," where "digit" represents the ASL numeric value ranging from 0 to 9.