We present a 4D Light Field (LF) video dataset collected by the camera matrix, to be used for designing and testing algorithms and systems for LF video coding and processing. For collecting these videos, a 10x10 LF capture matrix composed of 100 cameras is designed and implemented, and the resolution of each camera is 1920x1056. The videos are taken in real and varying illumination conditions. The dataset contains a total of nine groups of LF videos, of which eight groups are collected with a fixed camera matrix position and a fixed orientation.


The stream data of all LF videos are stored under the directory LF_video_data, and each video contains 100 stream files. The stream files are in 1920 x 1056 24 frames per second MP4 format without audio. There are 100 mat files in the Calibration_mat directory, which store all camera parameters of 100 lenses within the matrix. The depth estimation results are stored under the directory Depth_evaluation_result, which is for reference only.