Traces of Bluetooth sightings by groups of users carrying iMotes.

This data includes a number of traces of Bluetooth sightings by groups of users carrying small devices (iMotes) at locations around the city of Cambridge, UK.

last modified : 2006-12-16

release date : 2006-11-17

date/time of measurement start : 2005-10-28

date/time of measurement end : 2005-12-21


This dataset contains seven connectivity traces that have been derived from the cambridge/haggle/imote traceset (v. 2009-05-29). These connectivity traces can be used for network simulations with the Opportunistic Network Environment (ONE) simulator, since they are in accordance with the syntax of the StandardEventsReader format. The Python scripts that generated these connectivity traces are also provided.

last modified : 2016-08-28

nickname : haggle

institution : University of Ioannina


This is the dataset of MACs of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access points collected by the University of Illinois Movement (UIM) framework using Google Android phones.

last modified : 2012-01-24

release date : 2012-01-24

date/time of measurement start : 2010-03-01

date/time of measurement end : 2010-03-20


The dataset contains 10 types of context information (i.e., audio restricted access, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, barometric pressure, humidity, luminosity, temperature, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer) collected by multiple devices in three scenarios: car, office, and mobile. The collected context information is used to evaluate the performance of five zero-interaction pairing or authentication schemes the results of this evaluation are also part of the dataset.


Real-time position data reported by buses, updated every minute, from the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The file is CSV, containing the date, time(24h format), bus ID, bus line, latitude, longitude and speed of more than 12,000 buses.

last modified : 2018-03-19

nickname : RioBuses

institution : coppe-ufrj

release date : 2018-03-19

date/time of measurement start : 2014-10-01

date/time of measurement end : 2014-10-31


Tcpdump data set collected from a CDMA 1x EV-DO network in South Korea.

We collected tcpdump data from a CDMA 1x EV-DO network in South Korea that provides high-speed "always on" Internet connectivity in a wide-area mobile environment.

last modified : 2007-10-11

release date : 2007-09-26

date/time of measurement start : 2005-08-17

date/time of measurement end : 2006-01-27


In order to be used for examples or projects in communication systems or digital signal processing courses, the radio frequency (RF) signal was recorded from several commercial communication systems and stored in a database. This database contains recordings of radio frequency (RF) signals from several commercial communication systems including AM and FM radio, high definition AM and FM radio, analog and digital TV, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, WWV time signal, garage door opener, remote control for toy cars, wireless thermometers, and a wireless serial cable replacement system.


War-walking data set collected in different cities in the United States for the field study and evaluation of an access point selection system.

We collected the data set through war walking, i.e., collecting Wi-Fi beacons by walking around the neighborhoods in different cities in the United States, for the field study and evaluation of Virgil, an access point selection system.

last modified : 2008-03-31

release date : 2008-03-28

date/time of measurement start : 2005-04-28


This data set contains a collection of wireless traces from the University of Puerto Rico. Wireless signal strength measurements for Dell and Thinkpad laptops were performed over distances of 500 feet and one mile. The data is presented in .cap files giving TCP dump packet headers.

last modified : 2008-09-24

release date : 2006-04-12

date/time of measurement start : 2006-01-24

date/time of measurement end : 2006-01-24


Dataset of wireless network measurement in SIGCOMM 2004 conference.

Note: This dataset has multiple versions.  The dataset file names of the data associated with this version are listed below, under the 'Traceset' heading and can be downloaded under 'Dataset Files' on the right-hand side of the page.

We are trying to understand how well 802.11 networks work in practice and how they can be improved. This dataset includes the traces collected by wireless monitoring and wired monitoring using tcpdump.