Syed Mohd Zahid Syed Zainal Ariffin

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First Name: 
Syed Mohd Zahid
Last Name: 
Syed Zainal Ariffin

Datasets & Analysis

This is a collection of paired thermal and visible ear images. Images in this dataset were acquired in different illumination conditions ranging between 2 and 10700 lux. There are total 2200 images of which 1100 are thermal images while the other 1100 are their corresponding visible images. Images consisted of left and right ear images of 55 subjects. Images were capture in 5 illumination conditiond for every subjects. This dataset was developed for illumination invariant ear recognition study. In addition it can also be useful for thermal and visible image fusion research.


  • Image Processing
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    Sat, 05/23/2020 - 05:49