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Parkinson's disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder caused by the loss of dopamine-producing brain cells. It primarily affects the patient's motor abilities but also impacts non-motor functions over time. Patients' symptoms include tremors, muscle stiffness, and difficulty walking and balancing. Then it disrupts the patients' sleep, speech, and mental functions, affecting their quality of life (QoL).

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Wed, 06/21/2023 - 21:31

The data we are providing this time is a part of the dataset which was used in our previous work, titled “Integrating Activity Recognition and Nursing Care Records: The System, Deployment, and a Verification Study”. The authors of this work proposed a theory that extending of start and end times of the activities can increase the prediction rate. The reason behind the theory is that many of the nurses provided the labels before or after completing an activity. In the paper, they verified and proved this theory.

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Thu, 06/30/2022 - 01:03