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Datasets & Analysis

This dataset is part of my Master's research on malware detection and classification using the XGBoost library on Nvidia GPU. The dataset is a collection of 1.55 million of 1000 API import features extract from jsonl format of the EMBER dataset 2017 v2 and 2018. All data is pre-processing, duplicated records are removed. The dataset contains 800,000 malware and 750,000 "goodware" samples.



Column name:  sha256

Description: SHA256 hash of the example

Type: string


Column name:  appeared

Description: appeared date of the sample

Type: date (yyyy-mm format)


Column name:  label

Description: specify malware or "goodware" of the sample

Type: 0 ("goodware") or 1 (malware)


Column name: GetProcAddress

Description: Most imported function (1st)

Type: 0 (Not imported) or 1 (Imported)



Column name: LookupAccountSidW

Description: Least imported function (1000th)

Type: 0 (Not imported) or 1 (Imported)


The full dataset features header can be downloaded at

All processing code will be uploaded to