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Intelligence and flexibility are the two main requirements for next-generation networks that can be implemented in  network slicing  (NetS) technology.This intelligence and flexibility can have different indicators in networks, such as proactivity and resilience. In this paper, we propose a novel proactive end-to-end (E2E) resource management in a packet-based model, supporting NetS.


In this paper, we propose a novel cooperative resource sharing in a multi-tier edge slicing networks which is

robust to imperfect channel state information (CSI) caused by user equipments’ (UEs) mobility. Due to the mobility

of UEs, the dynamic requirements of their tasks, and the limited resources of the network, we propose a smart joint

dynamic pricing and resources sharing (SJDPRS) scenario that can incentivize the infrastructure provider (InP) and

mobile network operators (MNOs). Aiming to maximize the profits of UEs, MNOs and the InP under the task


Abstract—Network slicing (NwS) is one of the main technologies

in the €…h-generation of mobile communication and

beyond (5G+). One of the important challenges in the NwS

is information uncertainty which mainly involves demand

and channel state information (CSI). Demand uncertainty is

divided into three types: number of users requests, amount

of bandwidth, and requested virtual network functions workloads.

Moreover, the CSI uncertainty is modeled by three

methods: worst-case, probabilistic, and hybrid. In this paper,