IEEE has created a new special category on IEEE DataPort to support the sharing and distribution of COVID-19 datasets to serve the global technical community. In support of its mission to “foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity”, IEEE offers IEEE DataPort as a platform on which individuals and institutions can store, share, and access datasets related to COVID-19 at no cost. 

To help the global technical communities and to foster analysis of data associated with the current global COVID-19 pandemic, all datasets in this new special category will be Open Access and freely available to all users of IEEE DataPort and the general public. We invite all members of the global community to access the COVID-19 datasets and perform analyses that could be part of the solution. All IEEE DataPort users can also upload COVID-19 datasets to contribute additional data that will help others understand and analyze the pandemic. Data can be related to any aspect of COVID-19  including demographic data, financial data, manufacturing production level data and any other data related to the pandemic.

Submit COVID-19 Datasets  View COVID-19 Datasets

Be part of the solution by analyzing COVID-19 datasets already available on IEEE DataPort or by uploading valuable COVID-19 datasets. IEEE DataPort is committed to IEEE’s mission to Advancing Technology for all Humanity, and aims to help facilitate further research, support innovation, and help researchers work toward finding solutions.the community in addressing this pandemic. All datasets, both Standard and Open Access, are free to upload at this time for all users.