Share Your Research Data with the World through IEEE DataPort

Do you have valuable research that could benefit the global technical community? Share it on IEEE Dataport, a quickly growing research data platform is a universally accessible method that enables users to store, search, access, and manage data in a single trusted location.  

IEEE DataPort accepts datasets in any format up to 2 TB per dataset, or 10 TB for Institutional Subscribers. In addition to the dataset files, researchers can upload their Python, Matlab, or other script files to provide additional guidance and detail to users around their dataset. Uploading scripts helps users easily chart, analyze, or filter your dataset files, making the information more useful and helping them replicate your research for their own learning or to validate research findings. 

Dataset owners can quickly see how many people are viewing and/or citing their research directly on their dataset page and can view all their datasets in one location on their author page. There are Open Access upload options, in which dataset owners can share their data with everyone, or standard upload options that makes the data accessible only to IEEE DataPort subscribers. In addition, dataset owners can request specific analysis on or conclusions from their dataset by uploading it as a data competition. 

Dataset owners can securely store their data indefinitely on IEEE DataPort, easily update and manage their data through Amazon Cloud Services, and take advantage of data management tools such as the Data Management Plan creator tool that partially automates the development of data management plans required by most funding agencies.  

Sharing your research data with the global technical community on IEEE DataPort helps support research reproducibility, facilitate discovery, and foster innovation. Join the active community of more than nearly 3 million researchers, engineers, and scientists around the globe who rely on IEEE DataPort to store, share, access, and manage research data by uploading a dataset today.

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