Link your Research Data to your Manuscript

Among the many benefits that IEEE DataPort offers, one is particularly beneficial for authors who would like to supplement their manuscripts and scholarly papers with the data used in their research. Linking research data to a manuscript supports research reproducibility and can strengthen the manuscript enabling it to secure more citations. To help authors in this effort, IEEE has integrated IEEE DataPort with over 190+ IEEE journals and magazines and with IEEE Xplore so that IEEE DataPort datasets related to Xplore articles are referenced and directly accessible from Xplore articles. 

IEEE DataPort is linked to over 190+ IEEE Journals, including the 14 Open Access Gold Journals. For authors submitting a manuscript to these journals and magazines, IEEE makes it very easy for authors to upload data at the same time that they submit a manuscript. It is built into the submittal process for the 190+ journals and magazines that are integrated with IEEE DataPort. This integration allows users to indicate whether they have data associated with their article.  From here, authors receive instructions and descriptive information on how to upload their dataset to IEEE DataPort and they can  link directly to IEEE DataPort during the ScholarOne or other article submission process to enter their dataset to IEEE DataPort.  Each dataset entry receives a DOI and that DOI can be entered along with the article being submitted. 

If uploading a manuscript to a journal or magazine that is not yet integrated with IEEE DataPort, users can simply go to IEEE DataPort, load their data, and then submit the DOI for the dataset along with any article that is submitted. Please note that datasets can be uploaded to IEEE DataPort before, during, or after paper submission. 

The IEEE DataPort integration with IEEE Xplore provides readers of Xplore articles the opportunity to view the research data that supports the paper. When authors upload their datasets to IEEE DataPort, they gain additional global exposure for their research and gain the opportunity to receive additional citations because datasets, like manuscripts, are citable. All authors are invited to upload their research datasets to IEEE DataPort at no cost when uploading a manuscript.

Link your dataset to your Xplore article

Please include the information below to link your article in Xplore to your dataset in IEEE DataPort. Manuscripts do not have to be uploaded at the same time as your dataset to be linked. Papers published in the past can still be linked with your datasets now. Please allow up to two weeks to see the linkage in Xplore.