IEEE DataPort Hosts Data Competitions

The IEEE DataPort platform offers many benefits to IEEE and the greater global technical community. In addition to giving users the opportunity to access and upload datasets, the IEEE DataPort platform also includes a Data Competitions module. This module allows users to create a time-limited data challenge in which a dataset (up to 2TB) is uploaded to IEEE DataPort by the competition initiator along with the DataPort Competition instructions. Members of the global technical community, or a specific set of participants, can then join the Data Competition and provide their specific analyses or make predictions based on the dataset. 

Should the Data Competition initiator want to limit participation in the Data Competition, individuals will need to complete a registration form and the initiator will review and approve participants. The time frame for the competition is established by the competition initiator and can be as short as a few days to as long as one year. 

Other benefits of the IEEE DataPort Data Competitions Module include:

  • Free to initiate or participate

  • Dataset can be downloaded for analysis or accessed directly in the cloud

  • All Data Competition submissions are uploaded by participants directly to the Data Competitions page and are accessible to and downloadable only by the competition initiators. Each analysis receives a unique DOI

  • Leaderboard can be established and viewed by participants

  • Communication between Data Competition initiator and participants is enabled directly through IEEE DataPort

To learn more about Data Competitions, please visit the instructions page.

How to Initiate a Data Competition