Data Security on IEEE DataPort

IEEE DataPort is committed to the security and integrity of the valuable research data the global technical community shares on the platform. We continuously maintain best practices in system security and data management, including:

  • All IEEE DataPort users are authenticated through IEEE single sign-on
  • Only authenticated dataset owners may upload or update their dataset files and metadata
  • File downloads are secured through AWS-signed URLs and AWS access keys, and are only available to registered IEEE DataPort users
  • All website traffic is encrypted via HTTPS/TLS, the industry standard in Web security
  • All revisions and file versions are stored and logged to ensure data integrity and recovery
  • We use secure APIs for managing communications with integrated platforms such as AWS and DataCite
  • We regularly apply security updates and patches as soon as they are available
  • Data Competition access may be strictly managed by competition organizers

The IEEE DataPort data platform is actively maintained and developed by IEEE staff to ensure data security and data integrity. The global technical community is constantly adding and updating valuable research data to the platform, making it an active and rich online community. We invite you to join in, add your own research data, and engage with this robust research community.

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