The switching cell with switching frequency modulation (SC-SFM) has several benefits with respect to power conversion. Some of the most important features are those present in the boost variation, denominated as interleaved boost converter with switching frequency modulation (IBC-SFM). The converter conciliates some CCM characteristics, such as, continual conduction in the input inductor and limited current effort in the active components, with characteristics of some DCM converters, such as, resistive behavior for the input, soft-switching and no reverse recovery for the diodes.


 This Excel file presents the built database for the paper titled "Bridgeless PFC topology simplification and design for performance benchmarking".  

1. You can find more details about how to use the data presented here to build the component model in the paper.

2. In the "calculated results sheet", you can see our case study results by using this built database to select components and benchmark the bridgeless buck-boost PFC converters.