method of moments

This dataset, created using FEKO software, serves to investigate the impact of human body blockage on electromagnetic (EM) fields as observed by receiver antennas arranged in dense 2D/3D arrays. The simulation scenario involves an Hertzian dipole emitting radiation at 2.4868 GHz and positioned at a height of 0.99 meters. Field measurements are taken over a 3D array with multiple 2D arrays at varying distances from the source. An anthropomorphic obstacle representing a human body is included, featuring dimensions and material properties based on muscle composition.


MATLAB design codes and COMSOL Multiphysics simulation files to accompany Near-Perfect Space-Wave to Surface-Wave Coupler Enabled Conformal Space Wave Transporting Metasurfaces submitted to the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation. The abstract from that paper follows: A technique for the design of conformal metasurfaces with two spatially disconnected space wave ports connected by a surface wave is presented.