artificial intelligence; machine learning; natural language processing; sentiment analysis;

In today's world of online communication and digital media, hate speech has become an alarming problem worldwide. With the advancement of the internet, while people enjoy numerous benefits, there's also a dark side where individuals are subjected to horrendous bullying through hate speech. Tragically, some instances even lead to extreme actions like suicide or self-destructive behavior.


The "Multi-modal Sentiment Analysis Dataset for Urdu Language Opinion Videos" is a valuable resource aimed at advancing research in sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and multimedia content understanding. This dataset is specifically curated to cater to the unique context of Urdu language opinion videos, a dynamic and influential content category in the digital landscape.

Dataset Description:


RITA (Resource for Italian Tests Assessment), is a new NLP dataset of academic exam texts written in Italian by second-language learners for obtaining the CEFR certification of proficiency level.
RITA dataset is available for automatic processing in CSV and XML format, under an agreement of citation.


SCD Dataset: This new dataset has been specifically created for the development and education of children with down syndrome. The dataset, containing a total of 13,500 Turkish question-answer pairs, has "positive" and "negative" emotion labels. In the context of human-robot interaction, accurately identifying and addressing positive and negative emotions has a significant impact on user experience and satisfaction. Neutral questions and answers provide less information in terms of sentiment analysis and are less relevant to the purpose of this study.