How do I upload a dataset to IEEE DataPort?

Uploading a dataset and any related tools and documentation is quick and easy! Just go to the Home Page or to the Upload Dataset Page and click on the Submit a Dataset icon. You will then be guided through the process to upload your dataset. Information will be requested to facilitate your dataset upload and ensure that you are given proper recognition for the dataset. Please know that you are also able to upload tools and documentation related to your dataset.  Follow these simple instructions to Upload a Dataset to IEEE DataPort:


  1. Go to
  2. Login to IEEE Dataport using the button in the upper right hand corner of the home page using your IEEE login (staff logins do not have access at this time). 
    Note:  If you do not currently have an IEEE login, please click Sign Up in the upper right hand corner of the home page to acquire an IEEE login without cost.  
  3. Go to SUBMIT A DATASET tab.
  4. Complete required inputs including Meta Data, Abstract, and Instructions tabs (all required inputs are shown with red asterisk).
    1. Meta Data
      1. Required Fields:
        1. Title of Dataset
        2. Citation = name(s) of data author(s)
        3. Category (select one or more categories that the dataset should reside in)
      2. Other Fields:
        1. Keywords – enter keywords so dataset is searchable
        2. Data Format – enter format of dataset file (e.g. CSV, TXT, ORC, Avro, XML, SQL, JSON, XLSX); for ZIP and GZIP files, indicate the format of the included files. 
        3. Related Dataset – if your dataset is related to another IEEE DataPort dataset, please enter the title of the related dataset in this field (autocomplete available)
        4. LINKS – enter links to external documentation, data sources, project pages, author homepage, etc.  Multiple links are allowed; to add more than one link, click “Add Another Link” button.  
    2. Abstract
      1. Required Fields
        1. Abstract – enter abstract for dataset in the required Abstract field.
      2. Other Fields
        1. Dataset Image – enter image for your dataset to improve dataset appearance and identification on IEEE DataPort; choose image file and hit Upload button; it is strongly encouraged that an image for the dataset be entered in the Abstract section.  
    3. Instructions
      1. Required Fields
        1. Instructions – enter detailed instructions to enable IEEE DataPort users to be able to understand and utilize your dataset easily. 
      2. Other Fields
        1. Documentation – dataset author may upload documents which contain instructional information for the dataset; choose file and hit Upload button; formats allowed include pdf, txt, docx, doc, and md. 
  5. Review Terms of Use using the link provided and indicated agree to IEEE DataPort Terms of Use by checking the box at the bottom of the either the Meta Data, Abstract or Instructions page; your dataset cannot be uploaded until you agree to the IEEE DataPort Terms of Use.
  6. Hit SUBMIT DATASET at the bottom of the page after all required Metadata, Abstract and Instructions inputs have been provided. 
  7. A DOI will be generated and appear in the right hand section of the page entitled DATASET DETAILS.  On this page, click the UPLOAD YOUR DATASET button to get to a screen which allows you to select and upload the actual dataset file.   Choose your dataset file and then hit the Upload button; files may be zip, gz, gzip, csv, json, sql, xml, tsv, ebs, avro, orc, parquet, hdf57z.  The name of the dataset file will appear on the screen after loading.  You will then see a box which enables you to add a short descriptive title for each dataset file loaded.
  8. If your dataset consists of multiple files, you can again select ‘choose’ and ‘upload’ to upload additional files. 
  9. At bottom of page, click SUBMIT DATASET to load the dataset into IEEE DataPort.
  10. Dataset files will be provided with an S3 URI and will also be downloadable after it is uploaded to IEEE DataPort.  
  11. Congratulations – you have now uploaded your dataset to IEEE DataPort!  You can verify your dataset by going to the home page, searching for your dataset and opening it!  


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