Storiks Experiment Data

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Departamento de Informática - Universidade Federal do Paraná
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Adriano Lange
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Thu, 08/11/2022 - 16:03
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Performance interference experiments produced by Storiks 0.4 on the following storage devices:

  • Samsung 980PRO 250GB
  • Samsung 970EVO Plus 250GB
  • Samsung 970EVO 500GB





Storiks (Storage Resource Interferometer for Key-value Stores) is a framework designed to evaluate the performance interference a key-value store may suffer when sharing the same storage device with other concurrent workloads.


Quick Guide

  1. Download the latest stable storiksctl and set it as executable. For convenience, you may save this file in a directory listed in PATH.
  2. Start storiks daemon, a docker container named storiks:
    $ ./storiksctl start --foreground --data_dir=/path2/device/fs --output_dir=/path2/output_directory


    • You must have permission to launch docker containers.
    • --foreground will launch storiks attached to the current terminal to see logs. Ctrl-C terminates the container in this case. Remove this option if you want it running in the background.
    • The main storiks container will execute as --privileged to collect statistics from the host.
    • This container will also be automatically removed when stopped so that you must store all data in the directories --data_dir and --output_dir.
      • --data_dir corresponds to a directory mounted in the device under test. Inside the storiks container, it corresponds to /workdata.
      • --output_dir is the directory used to store experiment instructions and results. It corresponds to /output inside storiks container.
  3. Open the internal jupyter-notebook interface.
    • In the same machine with gui interface:
       $ ./storiksctl open

      It will call xdg-open with the notebook url.

    • In a headless machine, use:
       $ ./storiksctl status

      to get the notebook url.

  4. If necessary, open a terminal inside storiks container:
    $ ./storiksctl terminal
  5. Stop when no longer necessary:
    $ ./storiksctl stop

More information about storiksctl commands is available using --help parameter.