Spatial Learning and Cognitive Mapping in Autism

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kesavan krishnan
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Tue, 03/19/2024 - 20:25
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Autistic people typically need methodical support as they explore and interact with their immediate surroundings and the objects associated with them, emphasising the importance of spatial knowledge and cognitive skills in improving and understanding their surroundings. The objective of this research paper is to present a conceptual and technical framework that could be of significant assistance in developing spatial ability and cognitive skills in autistic people. This framework is constructed based on aspects of autistic behaviour, spatial cognition, and technical aspects of haptic technology and virtual environments. The framework uses the Model, View, Controller (MVC) pattern as its structural foundation. This paper highlights the important elements required for scholars and designers to create and develop a haptic-based virtual environment (HBVE) for autistic people in order to improve spatial knowledge and cognitive skills. Furthermore, this research also aimed to create an HBVE application based on the proposed framework in order to assess its effectiveness. This research paper evaluates the proposed framework based on end-user perspectives. The findings indicate that the experimental study conducted with autistic people has demonstrated notable progress in enhancing spatial knowledge and cognitive abilities among this population. The experimental implementation of these findings supports the developed framework's efficacy.


This file contains a variety of materials associated with the dataset you downloaded. These contain:

* README.txt : This file.

* Navigation_Performance: This data contains the detailed information about navigation performance responses in children with autistic such as time taken to complete route task, time take view map, distance travelled, speed, and number of routes completed.

* Spatial_Orientation: This data contains the detailed information about spatial orientation and knowledge responses in children with autistic such as translation of landmark image, and estimation of route duration.

* Cognitive_Mapping: This data contains the detailed information about cognitive mapping responses in children with autistic such as recognition of landmarks, and recognition of route.